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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  November 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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3 "small business saturday is that wonderful day to celebrate the brick and mortar stores, the independents like ours, that really help make our country great. 50 percent of the retail that's done in this country is done by smsml businesses." 3 downtown partners encouraged the community to stop by local businesses and to help support those shops that make our community unique. 3 "my belief why we're popolar and most people shop herere because we are the only few stores that actually have variety. each store carries a one of a kind item." 3 many store owners say they hope that shopping small will be more than just one day of the year this holiday season. 3 a new exhibit opened this week at the sioux city public museum.this new exhibit highlights upscale department stores that were famous in sioux city's prime, the 1960's. recalling a time when "window shopping" was popular
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the upcoming holiday season. it will run from now until march. 3 3 kayla, it looks like more winter weather's on its way. is siouxland going to see snowfall this weekend? 3 expect m mtly cloudy skies this evening with temperatures in the low to mid 20s. tomorrow will be another cloudy day with temperatures in the low 30s. lateunday evening through tuesday most
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storm watch.3 3 a gunman is in custody after allegedly firing on police officers and others at a planned parenthood office in colorado. at least two people were killed and several others were wounded. cbs' karen morfitt reports from colorado springng 3 a police officer and two other people were killed after a gunman opened fire at a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic friday.peter carey / police chief: all i can say is my heart is broken. this is a really, really tough situation for a lot of people our community."officers rushed people out of the building a aer police exchanged gunfire wiwi the susuect. ozy locano was parked outside the planned parenthood building when he says he came face to face with the 3 gunman. ozy licano / witness: he was looking directly in my face, he was aiming for my head. i could see it in his eyes. and then that first bullet went here (gesturing) and the other here.police say the suspect, identified as 57 year old robert dear, was
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six-hour-long standoff. 3 lt. catherine buckley / colorado springs police dept.) "we did get officers inside the building at the planned parenthood and the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him and at that point they were able to get him to surrender."karen morfitt / springs) police say the man carried a long gun into the building and shot at several officers, including responding swat team members. he then barricaded himself inside. buckley) we know the suspect brought several items with him and some of ththe are inside the planned parenthood least nine other people were injured, including five police officers. so far police say they don't know the gunman's motivekaren morfitt for cbs news, colorado springs, colorado.3 3 more than 100 local,,state and federal officers responded to the incident. authorities say the suspect, robert dear, is cooperating with their investigation. 3 meanwhile, the community of colorado springs came together
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shooting.vigil was held at the all souls unitarian universalist church, and a combination of speakers including local politicians, church officials, and those who were at the scene of the shootings took to the podium to give their regards to the victims of the shooting. 3 "we are that community. all the planned parenthood people lili in and are of the places that they work and they do this work because of their belief in their neighbors."those attending the vigil say they must continue to fight for responsible gun control legislation. 3 in the aftermath of the attack in colorado springs yesterday, the city's mayor visited injured officers at the hospital.mayor john suthers and his wife janet, thanked nurses, doctors and members at penrose hospital. three people were killed, one of which was an officer. the incident happened friday, when a
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suspect opened fire in a planned parentehood buildilng in colorado springs. 3 "no, it's more of a controlled chaos, really. and tv never ally depicts that very well. things are loud, things are busy, but everyone's calm, everyone knows what their position is. we train for these types of events."according to police, 9 people were taken to area hospitals, 5 of which were police officers. 3 police say one man's attempt to get himself a five-finger discount, has landed him behind bars. and, investigators say, this man wasn't just shoving merchandise into his winter coat.reporter kevin lewis shows us how the scheme worked. 3 could you stuff 11-thousand- dollars worth of costco products in one cardboard box? "looks like a lot of hard drivers, speakers.""wow! i mean i'm stunned." police say 38-year-old lamont witherspoon of dc did. just. that. "never heard of box-stuffing, but that's like another level i
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guess of stealing, that's crazy." witherspoon entered the wheaton costco --- where he grabbed a box holding a child's car seat. he then emptied the box --- and then went shopping --- stocking it with items like speakers --- computer hard drives --- and digital cameras. he then went so far as placing pillows in the box to muffle the sound of the stolen items inside. and the costco cashier was none-the-wiser. "and the total value of $11,093& oh my gosh that's somebody's wage and then some." when costco managers found the abandoned car seat, they reviewed store security video and called police. pawn records showed witherspoon sold much of his loot at best pawn in silver spring. "wow that's amazing, that's strategic." witherspoon had been living in this northwest recovery home. we've
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concealed the identity of the man who answered the front door. "he no longer lives here. how do you know lamont? he resided here, but no longer lives here." instead --- witherspoon is spending his thanksgiving at the montgomery county lock-up --- facing a felony`theft charge. his alleged box-stuffing trick --- foiled just before black friday. in wheaton --- i'm kevin lewis --- abc 7 news. 3 activists protesting the handling of the police shooting of laquan mcdonald targeted city hall in chicago today,a few dozen activists carried a coffin and chanted "no more bloodshed" and "16 shots and a cover-up." mcdonald was shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke, who was charged with murder on tuesday, 13 months after the shooting. the protesters were questioning why there was no audio on the police dash cam video that captured the shooting and also raised concerns that chicago police deleted relevant security
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3 "we are here today because the crime mcdonald was executed by a racist police officer. this was an individual police officer that decided to cross the line, but what's worse, his colleagues that were out there with him. they didn't do anything."police officials have denied charges that the video was deleted. the protesters say emanuel, mccarthy and state's attorney anita alvarez need to go. 3 still to come on siouxland news, 20-16 gop presidential candidate dr. ben carson heads to jordan.and his statements.. saying 25-thousand refugees to the us does nothing to solve this crisis. we'll tell you what he thinks is the best solution for the syrian
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3 3 3 3 3 expect mostly cloudy skies this evening with temperatures in the low to mid 20s. tomorrow will be another cloudy day with temperatures
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evening through tuesday most of the area is under a a nter storm this time, we are expecting 6 to 8 inches of snow to be associated with this system. look for wintery mix in the early monday morning hours transitioning to snow all of monday into tuesday morning and early afternoon. wednesday will start a clearing and warming trend with temperatures
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upper 30s.3 3 coming up after the break... real-estate mogul and presidential candidate donald trump..he's speaking up after mocking a reporter with a physical disability during his campaign stop tuesday night.
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3 3 republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson visited with syrian refugees in jordan today and says, the united states needs to do more to help solve the syrian refugee crisis. . 3 rson released a statement praising jordan for their efforts in the refugee crisis and adding "the rest of the world could be doing so much more. the g-o-p candidate continued by saying that bringing 25-thousand refugees to the us will do nothing to solve the crisis and he will be offering solutions to these problems "created in part by the obama clinton administration's failed policies." 3 gop frontrunner donald trump finds himself at the center of a firestorm once again, after appearing to impersonate a reporter's disability. now his
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truthfulness is also being questioned after he claimed he never met the reporter. here's nancy cordes. 3 trump insists he didn't know that new york times reporter serge kovaleski suffers from a physical disability that limits the movement of his arms.but it sounded like trump knew him when he said this in myrtle beach tuesday night: "written by a nice reporter, you ought to see this guy. oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember!"the times said it was "outraged that he would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters." trump replpld, 3 "i merely mimicked what i thought would be a flustered reporter trying to get out of a statement he made long ago, i do not know what he looks like". but kovaleski told the times, "donald and i were on a first-name basis for years" back when kovaleski covered trump for the new rk daily news. trump had used one of kovaleski's articles from 01 to t to bolster his debunked
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muslims cheering on 9/11."law enforcement officials detained a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attack!"but kovaleski said this week those allegations re never proven. and that he doesn't "recall anyone saying there were thousands or even hundreds of people celebrating."that's what set trump off. "he's going ahh, i don't remember, maybe that's what i said, this is 14 years ago they didn't do a retraction!"trump isn't apologzing. trump said kovaleski should, quote, "stop using his disability to grandstand" and that the reporter must think a lot of himself if he thinks trump remembers him from years ago. this from a man, elaine, who frequently boasts about having the world's greatest memory. nancy cordes, cbs news, washington. 3 3 and what's more, trump addressed his fans at his campaign rally today...
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expanding yet again on the former washington post reporter, serge (ko-va-le- ski). kovaleski. 3
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week off right for retailers. an estimamad 135-point-eight million consumers shopped this long holiday weekend up from last year.from black friday through cyber monday, shoppers are expected to spend 80 billion-dollars in stores and and electronics are expected to be the hottest big-ticket items... along with new "star wars" toys and other merchandise.not all traders felt the e rce on wall street. ahead of the open this morning, the dow closed out a half-day session friday down 14 points.the nasdaq ended higher, though, up eleven.for some it's the most wonderful time of the year, but a new consumer reports poll reveals the anxieties that many americans have when it comes to the holiday season. 64 percent of thosossurveyed dread crowds and long lines. 35 percent grimaced at the thought of weight gain while 15 percent said disappointing presents top their list. that's your moneywatch. for more log on to cbs-moneywatch-
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3 3 still to come, a *mass* e-coli outbreak has ckened 19 people in seven states.and whililmany healthy adults can recover within a week, the illness has been known to cause kidney failure
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re years."the products have been pulled from the shelves of many bibiretail supermarkets ininuding walmart and target. taylor farms says customers should throw those items out. 3 when pope francis visited the u.s, one of the first things people noticed was his limp.he wasn't injured...the pontiff suffers from a fairly common chronic condition known as
10:19 pm what is it? holly firfer explains. 3 "sciatica is a describe a group of symptoms, mainly back pain that radiates down the leg and sometimes into the foot. the pain can be sharp, lancinating or even electric." so, what's happpping that causes this pain? "between the bones there are cushions or shock absorbers you might call them-or discs. these discs, they provide cushion to prevent bone from rubbing against bone. over time, or in some cases with sciatica, 3 these discs can slip out of place (butt to) when it pinches on the nerve, the nerve is irritated causing pain to go down the distribution of the leg " treatment starts with rest, but not too much.doctors also suggest stretching to release the tension in tight muscles. over the counter anti inflammatory pain relievers also may help..and can reduce inflammation pressure on the nerves followed with heat to relax the muscles.the good
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news, say doctors is that most of the sciatic problems will go away over time with care and attention. 3 doctors say risk factors for sciatica include an injury, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and age. 3 3 3 n-a-i-a quarterfinals matchup today: the morningside mustangs took on the tabor college bluejays who are riding a 10-game winning streak... did the mustangs end
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